The 25 best beaches in Corfu

The 25 best beaches in Corfu

The island of Corfu is one of the closest to Italy, and the most visited by ferry from the beautiful Paese, as well as being a summer destination loved by foreign tourists. We have already talked about the main attractions to visit in Corfu, in this post we will see the Best beaches on the island of Corfu, there are for all tastes!

If there are beautiful natural settings that include beautiful beaches, that place is Greece. One of the most beautiful places in Greece is the island of Corfu and of course its beaches are one of the main attractions.

Best beaches in Corfu
Best beaches in Corfu

For this reason, in this article we talk about which are the best beaches to visit in Corfu?, according to your tastes and type of traveler.

Being an island, Corfu has numerous beaches to enjoy a paradisiacal summer. For this reason it is extremely difficult to choose among its beaches which are the best. Do not worry! We have chosen for you what we consider to be the most beautiful beaches and coves in Corfu so that you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

In any case, keep in mind that there is nothing set in taste, and once in Corfu, it is up to you which beaches to visit. Here we recommend peace of mind, because visiting them all in a short time is an almost impossible mission.

📄 What you will find
  1. What to know about Corfu
  2. 1.- Beaches north of Corfu
    1. Agios Spyridonas Beach
    2. Ambelaki Beach
    3. Agia Triada Beach
    4. Alypa/Alipa Beach
    5. Platakia Beach
    6. Agios Petros Beach
  3. 2.- Beaches in the south of Corfu
    1. Chalikounas Beach
    2. issos beach
    3. Marathias Beach (Malta Beach or Martha Beach)
    4. Gardenos Beach
  4. 3.- Central Corfu beaches
    1. Agios Gordios
    2. Benitses beach
    3. ermones
    4. Kontogialos Beach (Pelekas Beach)
    5. Glyfada beach
    6. gouvia beach
    7. Kommeno Beach
    8. Agios Ioannis Peristeron Beach
  5. 4.- Corfu Town Beaches
    1. Faliraki Beach
    2. Kardaki Beach
  6. How to get to Corfu
    1. How to get to Corfu by plane
    2. How to get to Corfu by Ferry:
  7. How to get around on the island of Corfu

What to know about Corfu

Touristically Corfu is one of the most valued Greek landscapes, as it has the perfect blue sea and dreamy beaches. In addition to its natural beauty and privileged climate, you can choose from a wide variety of activities and places to visit, such as picturesque towns and ancient ruins. Corfu seems to be unique, immersed in the Ionian Sea, but at the same time with those Venetian features that give it that touch of elegance. Here you will find a vibrant nightlife and excellent cuisine. If you want to enjoy this beautiful island, we recommend spending at least 3 days, but if you have more time, a week will be enough to soak up the attractions of Corfu.

You can read our dedicated guide: Main attractions to visit on the island of Corfu.

Let's see The best beaches in Corfu:

An island like Corfu has the great advantage of having a wide variety of beaches. These are distributed in its four cardinal points, so we will separate our trip according to the place in Corfu where you are located.

We anticipate that you will be able to find beaches for all tastes: small or immense beaches, beaches of fine sand, rock or pebbles. Solitary platas and others full of people. There is also family or youth. Perhaps it is for this reason that the beaches of Corfu are so desired, since there is one for each type of tourist. And you, what type of beach are you looking for? Here we present them to you.

1.- Beaches north of Corfu

As a preview we can tell you that it is the north that has some of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu. The vast majority are located on the Paleokastritsa peninsula approximately 25 kilometers from Corfu Town.

Agios Spyridonas Beach

Start with a rather popular beach, we mean by this, that if you are looking for tranquility and silence, perhaps this beach is not for you, but it is for those who love the crowd and the movement of people enjoying their vacation. This beach is embraced by cliffs offering a particularly beautiful landscape. It has a blue flag.

Ambelaki Beach

If you love water activities, especially diving, this beach is for you. Ambelaki is a very quiet place that also has a dreamy seabed. If you are not yet an expert in this water sport, don't worry, because you will find a diving school where they will teach you the basic steps to enjoy the beautiful seabed, here they also offer a boat rental service, so you can explore the island.

Agia Triada Beach

This beach is another idyllic landscape where you can give free rein to your love for water activities, since practicing Parasailing and Water Skiing is possible. It has deep blue waters and a sandy and gravel beach.

Alypa/Alipa Beach

Now if your passion is fishing, Alypa is the ideal place for you, since it has a fishing refuge. This beach is characterized by its crystalline waters and is ideal for sunbathing.

Platakia Beach

We continue with fishing, since this beach is by far the favorite of fishing lovers. Unlike the rest of Corfu's beaches, Platakia has very cool waters, which, let's be honest, are not for everyone, especially those who prefer warmer waters. But, by way of compensation for the temperature of its waters, we can say that it is a very quiet beach with beautiful views.

Agios Petros Beach

Water sports and archeology come together as attractions on this beach. It is located near the Paleokastritsa Monastery and has a lush and spectacular landscape. One of the destinations most chosen by fans of water sports.

2.- Beaches in the south of Corfu

Chalikounas Beach

This is quite a special beach. It has a wild and virgin landscape ideal for practicing Kitesurfing and Windsurfing, since the place has the ideal wind conditions for this type of activity. The beach is very large and you will be impressed to know that it separates a lake from the sea. Close to Chalikounas it is possible to find a beautiful lake called Korission, the largest on the island. It is a nature reserve of around 6,000 hectares that has more than 120 diverse species of flamingos, ducks, cormorants and birds. Undoubtedly a spot that you should visit if yours is the beauty of nature. The place has huge dunes called Ammothines.

issos beach

Large expanses of beautiful dunes characterize the landscape of this beach in the south of Corfu. Issos is located next to another natural beauty Lake Korission. Like Chalikounas, it has the ideal conditions for kitesurfing and windsurfing. The aspect of this beach is rather rustic, since it does not have special infrastructures, but rather, with sun loungers spread over the sand. A point in favor is that it will never be crowded with people. Check if you want a place full of tranquility.

Marathias Beach (Malta Beach or Martha Beach)

Marathias is an immense beach 4 kilometers long and fine, golden sand. Its shallow and transparent waters are ideal for swimming with children. An ideal beach for relaxing with the family, since it has umbrellas and places to taste the gastronomy of the area. Another point in favor is that it is only 10 kilometers from the port of Lefkimmi.

Gardenos Beach

This beach takes its name from the small river that divides it into two parts, which flows into the sea. It has an impressive beauty as it is surrounded by large cliffs and natural vegetation. Its sand is golden, very clear waters, shallow and crystal clear. Point in favor for families with children who are looking for a safe place for their little ones. This beach has not yet been invaded by mass tourism. It has a relaxed atmosphere where you will find umbrellas, showers, hammocks and a large parking lot.

3.- Central Corfu beaches

Agios Gordios

This beach is located just 15 kilometers from the capital of Corfu and 4 kilometers from the village of Penati. The mix between green mountainous nature and sea water is something that gives a wild and virgin touch to Agios Gordios beach. The beach is accessed via a descending route from Kato Garounas.
Its natural beauty comprises vineyards, orange trees, olive trees, cliffs and the turquoise sea. Undoubtedly a really beautiful beach, which is 1.5 kilometers long and is ideal for family outings, as it has an entrance to the sea suitable for children to swim.

Benitses beach

Benitses is not very large, but it makes up for it with its crystalline waters that allow you to see its multicolored fish. As a fact of interest, we can tell you that the transparency of its waters is due to the action of an aquatic plant that filters harmful substances from the water, this fact makes it the beach with the cleanest waters in the entire Mediterranean.
Here you can also have elements that will make your stay more comfortable, such as umbrellas, hammocks and different services. Perhaps you didn't know it, but Benitses has the Blue Flag award due to the cleanliness and quality of its waters. However, be careful with children, since its entrance to the sea is rather pronounced. Nearby are the coastal towns of Boukari and Petriti.


One of the most exclusive beaches in Corfu. The reason is because it has two five-star hotels and a golf course. So if you have a looser Budget this could be an option for you. One of its advantages is that it is never crowded, which ensures rest and tranquility. It has a natural setting made up of cliffs. One piece of advice, do not be fooled by the tranquility of its waters, as they are very deep.
In the direction of the Ermones you can find the Corfu Golf Club, so if you like golf, you are in the perfect place. If, on the other hand, you are a lover of diving, this place has a diving center and you can rent some nice pedal boats.

Kontogialos Beach (Pelekas Beach)

Hills covered in pine trees and olive groves, as well as the clearest waters of the Ionian Sea make this beach one of the most beautiful in Corfu. If you want to visit it, you have to get to the picturesque town of Pelekas.
There is a wide variety of accommodation, restaurants, taverns by the sea. Which will allow you to enjoy the local gastronomy while enjoying the beautiful landscape.
The practice of sport is present on this beach thanks to a beach volleyball court.

Glyfada beach

Glyfada is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches in Corfu. Perhaps the reason is the large number of facilities that give tourists more than enough reasons to never leave the beach. Hammocks, umbrellas, restaurants with fabulous views of the sea, taverns that attract the youngest, etc. It is ideal for practicing water sports.
It is located about 15 km from the capital from where there are bus departures to the place.

gouvia beach

This beach is very popular among young people, as it has an active nightlife and many activities designed for them. It has international gastronomy restaurants offering a wide variety of dishes including Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, etc. From the place it is possible to have fabulous views of the Kommero peninsula, just in front of Gouvia. There you can find the Church of Ypapantis. Temple built around 1713 and which is one of the most photographed places in Corfu.
Gouvia is a modern village 8 km from Corfu town. It has a marina and is one of the most developed tourist centers on the island. The beach has umbrellas that will protect you from the sun and hammocks for your rest.

Kommeno Beach

Kommeno has a sandy beach and crystal clear waters from where it is possible to see the Church of Ypapanti. Kommeno carries the Blue Flag distinction for the purity of its waters and the cleanliness of the beach. It is located just 12 kilometers from the center of the capital and is where the vast majority of the vacation homes of island residents and foreigners are located.
You can find amenities for your rest such as umbrellas and hammocks. In addition, you can enjoy the local atmosphere in the various taverns and cafes.

Agios Ioannis Peristeron Beach

If yours is the search for peace and tranquility, this 2.5 kilometer long beach is for you. It is located 16 kilometers from the city of Corfu and it is a very beautiful beach, as it is surrounded by beautiful vegetation.
On the beach you will find comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas. If you want to practice some sport, here you can do it. Activities such as para-sailing, skiing, jet skiing and scuba diving are available to you.
Its waters are crystal clear, but very deep, therefore they are not suitable for children. You can find places along the beach where you can enjoy traditional Greek gastronomy.

4.- Corfu Town Beaches

Faliraki Beach

Below the old town of Corfu it is possible to find this beautiful beach. From which it is possible to enjoy wonderful views, especially of the old fortress. It is very close to other attractions, such as the Palacio de San Miguel and San Jorge.
Mon Repos Beach
The Mo Repos beach is ideal for diving. Ditch with warm waters ideal for this activity. It is perfect if you do not want to stray too far from the civic center. This beach is located at the beginning of the Kanoni peninsula and a ditch with beautiful views.

Kardaki Beach

Located near Mon Repos, it has a spectacular landscape. The most famous postcard of this beach is that of the stone pier, where the turquoise waters reach and surrounded by hills covered with vegetation.
Yes, Corfu has many more beautiful and interesting beaches, but we have chosen the ones that in our opinion represent the different types of visitors. Now it's up to you to follow our recommendations or give free rein to your curiosity.

How to get to Corfu

The island of Corfu is part of the group of islands that make up the Ionian Islands Archipelago, located on the mainland of Greece. Corfu on its west coast faces Albania.

To get to Corfu we can tell you two options:

How to get to Corfu by plane

Fortunately Corfu is well connected, since it has direct connections with Spain and other European countries through some Low cost flight companies, therefore, if you come from other latitudes, you can make a stopover in Spain, for example. But if you travel from other Greek islands you will have to make a previous stopover, either in Athens or Thessaloniki. Once you arrive at Corfu airport it will be very easy for you to get to the capital, as there are bus departures every 20 minutes.

How to get to Corfu by Ferry:

Being a maritime destination you will have the option of arriving by sea. Ferry departures are located in the ports of Igoumenitsa and Patras.
From Igoumenitsa it will take you about two hours to reach your destination. If you leave from Patras, on the other hand, the journey to Corfu lasts at least 6 hours. If you are in Italy the trip will be much longer, but believe us, it will be worth it.

How to get around on the island of Corfu

Inside the island you can move through the bus service available. These connect the capital of Corfu with the seaside resorts, therefore, you will be able to visit all those beautiful beaches that you have in mind. Another option is to use the services of the Hop On – Hop Off buses, tourist buses that will take you to the places of greatest interest on the island. The third option is to explore the island at your own pace, either by taking certain tours on foot or by renting a car.

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