The 10 best beaches in Santorini

The 10 best beaches in Santorini

Santorini is undoubtedly one of the most touristic places in the world. Located in the Aegean Sea and devastated by a volcanic eruption centuries ago, today it emerges as one of the most beautiful and visited places in Greece. Santorini is an archipelago that does not leave behind its volcanic past, since it has a still active volcano, which is not an impediment for it to receive millions of tourists who come to enjoy its spectacular beaches and beautiful sunsets. In fact several of its beaches are among the most beautiful in Greece.

If this is your first time planning your visit to this popular tourist destination, you will surely need a little help to know which beaches to visit. Next, we tell you which are, in our opinion, the best beaches in Santorini.

Red Beach of Santorini, one of the most exotic to visit in Greece
Red Beach of Santorini, one of the most exotic to visit in Greece

When to visit Santorini?

Preparing the trip
It is very important to know what is the ideal time to visit Santorini. This extends between the month of April and the beginning of November. The reason is very simple, at this time the weather is much warmer, in addition, there is very little rain that could ruin your stay. But if what you want is to enjoy a true summer experience on its beaches, the best time to visit Santorini is from July to September.

Let's see The 10 best beaches in Santorini:

Although Santorini, belonging to the Cyclades islands, is mostly known for its picturesque towns, its beaches are not without beauty or charm. What are the beaches of Santorini like? The island of Santorini itself boasts rugged coastlines, cliffs, and perfectly beautiful beaches. It all depends on the type of beach that best suits you, your friends or family. Here our selection:

📄 What you will find
  1. When to visit Santorini?
  • 1.- Red beach
  • 2.- Kamari Beach
  • 3.- Monolithos Beach
  • 4.- Perissa Beach
  • 5.- Perivolos Beach
  • 6.- Caldera Beach
  • 7.- Cape Columbo Beach
  • 8.- Vlichada Beach
  • 9.- White Beach
  • 10.- Eros Beach
  • How to get to Santorini
    1. How to get to Santorini by ferry
    2. How to get to Santorini by plane
  • 1.- Red beach

    Red Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Santorini and one of the most unique beaches in Greece. One of the reasons is that it has shallow waters that are ideal for swimming by adults and especially children. It has rock pools and spots for rowing fans. It is characterized by being under spectacular cliffs. Its sands are made of small red volcanic stones and it has incredibly crystalline waters.

    2.- Kamari Beach

    Kamari Beach Santorini
    Kamari Beach Santorini

    Kamari Beach is of extraordinary beauty framed by gigantic cliffs made of limestone from Cape Mesa Vouno. It has an additional charm, it is the ruins of ancient Thira. Its black sands invite you to rest and relax that will give you beautiful views of the beach and the surrounding landscape.

    One of the advantages of this beach is that it is very close to the Santorini airport. If your idea is to go directly to the beach or if you stay near the air terminal, this will be an advantage for you. It is, without a doubt, the most touristic and urbanized beach in Santorini.

    The place offers a wide variety of hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy the local gastronomy and a good rest. It also has playgrounds and a mini golf course. Tip: wear sandals, since its sands are made up of small stones.

    3.- Monolithos Beach

    If you travel as a family with children included, we can tell you that Playa Monolithos is the favorite for families. The reason? It has very soft waves, therefore, calm waters for the little ones to bathe. On the other hand, children will never get bored if we also tell you that, on the beach, there is a park and children's games.

    Another plus point? It has a wide shade that will protect you from the sun. To get to this beach you must travel 7 kilometers from Fira. Which is located on the Santorini Coast. Here you will also find a charming fishing port. It is the ideal place to practice Kite Surfing.

    4.- Perissa Beach

    Also with black volcanic sand, Perissa Beach is ideal for sunbathing. You will have arrived at the ideal place if you are water activities such as snorkeling and windsurfing. Lively are the nights in this place, which turns into a beach party. This is where you will find more animation and a fun atmosphere.

    During the day you will feel the relaxed atmosphere that exists. The so-called "black beach" has a variety of clubs, restaurants and hotels.

    5.- Perivolos Beach

    Perivolos beach is undoubtedly the longest beach in Santorini. It has deep waters ideal for diving, this beach will give you the tranquility you are looking for. In addition, it has bars along the beach that make possible a party atmosphere at nightfall.

    6.- Caldera Beach

    Playa de la Caldera is also known by the name of Playa de Balos. This place bears this name, since visits are made to the "Caldera" which is the crater of the island. It is one of the least known due to being rather remote and not very easily accessible, but this gives you an advantage: absolute tranquility as it is not one of the busiest beaches. From this stony sand beach you can see the cliffs of Santorini.

    7.- Cape Columbo Beach

    Cape Columbo Beach is also known as Koloumpos Beach or Koloumbo. It is defined by many as an unusual beach. This is because it is not suitable for bathing, since its waters are very tumultuous, but you can take long sunbaths. It is very secluded and rather lonely. It is a quiet and simple beach that will allow you to escape the crowds.

    8.- Vlichada Beach

    Vlichada Beach shines for its natural beauties, such as its white rock formations that create a beautiful contrast with its black sand. Converted into a fashionable beach, despite this, it is an extremely quiet place located in the south of Santorini. There is no public transport to access this beach, which is why you will surely enjoy this charming corner of tranquility.

    9.- White Beach

    That's right, just as its name says, Playa Blanca has beautiful white rocks that frame the beauty of this place. If you are walking towards the sea, you will notice how the cove and the pebbles gradually change color until it gets dark once you reach the shore. Upon arrival you will find very crystalline water that invites you to bathe and you will also be able to observe the great variety of fish. Access is complex, since you can only get to Playa Blanca by boat or from Playa Roja, but it will undoubtedly be worth it due to the beauty of the place.

    10.- Eros Beach

    As the name says, Eros Beach is the most romantic of all. It is located towards the south of Santorini and quite close to Vlichada Beach, so you can visit both in the same day if you wish. Its sands are black and stony, contrasting with the white cliffs. Eros beach will provide the tranquility you need because there is only sand, sea and a lot of space.

    How to get to Santorini

    If you want to visit the island of Santorini, you can get there mainly in two ways: One by ferry and the other by plane.

    How to get to Santorini by ferry

    You can take a ferry from nearby islands to Santorini, such as from Mykonos, Paros, Creata or from the mainland such as Athens. Depending on the travel itinerary you have planned and your travel budget.
    You can make the pertinent inquiries so as not to spend too much money on transportation. In the following link you can find more information about ferry transfers:

    It is always a very good idea to check the prices and compare to get the best option. Consider that in summer they are usually quite full, so I recommend you book in advance.

    How to get to Santorini by plane

    It is the most popular and most comfortable way due to the speed and connection points. In this case, there are so many possibilities that you should review routes, travel times and stopovers depending on where in the world you are. Consider that most of the routes come from the mainland, although in summer there are more direct options to various European cities.

    Low cost companies like Ryanair or Volotea usually offer cheap flights to Santorini from destinations like Bari, Naples, Rome, Florence, Verona, Venice, Milan. From Greece they find direct flights to Athens, Corfu, Mykonos, among others.

    You can read our dedicated posts: how to get to Santorini, best areas to stay in Santorini.

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