International Shipping from Greece to the United States - Get it Done Today!

International Shipping from Greece to the United States - Get it Done Today!

Are you looking for reliable, affordable shipping options from Greece to the United States? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Read on for an introduction to the different shipping methods available when sending goods from Greece to the US. We offer a detailed look at the most popular shipping courier services and explore the pros and cons of each of them. We’ll also discuss necessary customs documentation and fees before you decide which service is best for you.

Shipping from Greece to the United States is made easy with convenient delivery services. Choose from international couriers, freight and USPS options to get your packages where they need to go. With competitive rates and fast delivery times, you can trust that your items will arrive safely and on time.

Explore your options for shipping from Greece to the US:

  • International couriers such as DHL and FedEx.
  • Freight companies with reliable air and ocean cargo transport.
  • USPS Priority Mail Express International for time-sensitive shipments.
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  1. Can you ship from Greece to USA?
  2. How long does shipping from Greece to US take?
  3. How much does it cost to ship to Greece from us?
    1. Does FedEx ship to Greece?

Can you ship from Greece to USA?

Yes, it is possible to ship items from Greece to the United States. There are several companies that offer shipping services between the two countries, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget. It is important to remember that customs fees may be charged when shipping from Greece to the USA. To avoid having your package delayed or rejected by US Customs, make sure to properly package and label all items being shipped. Ensure that you have a detailed manifest of all items being shipped, including weight and value of each item. You should also provide documentation proving the origin of the items, such as an invoice or receipt.

You may want to consider using a shipping broker if this is your first time sending something from Greece to the United States. A shipping broker can provide expert guidance on how to best handle international shipments and help ensure your items arrive safely and without issue.

How long does shipping from Greece to US take?

Shipping items from Greece to the United States can take anywhere between 2 and 8 weeks, depending on the chosen method of shipment. It is important to take into account that international shipping takes significantly longer than domestic shipping, and it is recommended to plan ahead when sending an item internationally. It is usually best to choose a shipping method that offers tracking so you can keep an eye on the progress of your package.

How much does it cost to ship to Greece from us?

Shipping to Greece from the US can be an expensive endeavor, especially for bulky items. To get an accurate estimate for shipment costs, it is essential to consider the weight and size of the item that needs shipping. Additionally, shipping services like USPS, UPS and FedEx will likely have different pricing depending on their delivery speeds.

For items under two kilograms, USPS offers the most affordable rates with a starting price of around $20. For heavier items, such as furniture or large appliances, it could cost up to several hundred dollars to ship. UPS and FedEx are typically more expensive than USPS but offer quicker delivery times.

When shipping your item to Greece, it is best to check with each service provider to get their exact pricing. It is also important to look into any customs fees that may need to be paid when the item arrives in Greece.

Does FedEx ship to Greece?

Yes, FedEx does ship to Greece. FedEx provides a reliable and secure international delivery service with express delivery options available to many countries around the world. In Greece, customers have access to a wide range of services including both domestic and international express delivery, freight forwarding and logistics solutions. Customers can also take advantage of special savings offers and discounts when shipping with FedEx. Whether you're sending packages from Greece or to Greece, FedEx can provide an efficient and cost-effective shipping solution.
In conclusion, shipping from Greece to the United States is a viable option for many businesses and individual customers. In the current market, companies offering international shipping services have access to competitive freight rates and reliable transit times. As long as both parties involved in the transaction are aware of the potential risks associated with international shipping, such as customs clearance and document compliance, there is no reason why this method of shipping can't be successful. Furthermore, when searching for an appropriate carrier, it is important to ensure they have the necessary experience and resources to guarantee a smooth transaction.

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