Explore Malta and Greece on an Unforgettable Cruise Adventure!

Explore Malta and Greece on an Unforgettable Cruise Adventure!

Welcome to our guide about a cruise to Malta and Greece. Cruises to this beautiful part of the Mediterranean Sea offer travelers a chance to experience the remarkable culture, history, and scenery that both countries have to offer. We've compiled some helpful tips and information to ensure you have the best time possible on your journey.

From Malta's ancient walled cities and picturesque fishing villages to Greece's stunning coastline, majestic mountains, and rich cultural heritage, you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore both countries in style. Whether you're looking for a relaxing getaway where you can soak up the sun or an action-packed itinerary full of sightseeing, there's something for everyone on this remarkable cruise.

We'll discuss everything from the best routes, ports of call, attractions, and activities to consider when planning your trip. We'll also provide some advice on the types of accommodation available and any special offers or discounts that may be available.

Ready for an unforgettable journey? Keep reading to find out more about cruising to Malta and Greece.

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  5. Is there a cruise ship that goes to Greece?
    1. Are there cruises to the Greek islands?

Cruise to Malta and Greece

Experience the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea on a cruise to Malta and Greece. Visit historic sites, architectural wonders, stunning beaches, and beautiful islands, all while enjoying the relaxation of a luxury cruise.

Begin your voyage in Malta, an archipelago in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. Explore its historic fortresses, baroque churches, stunning beaches and beautiful harbor views. Spend some time island hopping to discover small beach coves and hidden bays.

Continue your journey by crossing the Adriatic Sea to Greece. Discover the beauty of ancient ruins, quaint villages and bustling seaports. Explore its picturesque coastline and modern cities such as Athens, Thessaloniki, and Patras. Enjoy sunbathing on its stunning beaches.

Explore Malta and Greece on a Cruise

  • Visit picturesque villages filled with history
  • Discover hidden bays and coves
  • Sail along the stunning coastlines of both countries
  • Relax on crystal blue waters
  • Explore ancient ruins
  • Visit bustling cities
  • Enjoy sunbathing on beautiful beaches

Are there cruises that go to Malta?

Yes, there are cruise trips available that go to Malta! Royal Caribbean runs a magnificent Mediterranean cruise that stops in several ports around the Maltese Islands. This 11 night trip begins in Barcelona and then travels down through Italy before arriving in Malta. During the journey passengers will be able to explore some of Europe's most beautiful cities and beaches, including Rome and Valletta. The cruise then continues on to Sicily and Tunisia before heading back to Barcelona. It's the perfect way to experience all that the Mediterranean has to offer while visiting some of the most fascinating places in Europe.

What is the best month to cruise the Greek islands?

The best month to cruise the Greek Islands is typically considered to be either May or October. May is ideal for those seeking warm weather and minimal crowds, while October provides more mild temperatures and a much lower chance of rain.

In May, temperatures are generally warm enough to swim in the Mediterranean Sea, but not too hot that sightseeing and outdoor activities become unbearable. Plus, the crowds are not as big which makes navigating around the islands much easier.

October is also a great time to visit the Greek Islands as tourists tend to stay away during this time of year due to less favourable temperatures. The temperatures are still comfortable during this month, usually ranging between 15-20 degrees Celsius, making activities such as sailing, hiking and cycling enjoyable. Plus, there’s significantly less rainfall than other months which can help make sightseeing more enjoyable.

Both May and October are great times of year to cruise the Greek Islands and should provide visitors with a memorable experience no matter which month they choose!

Is there a cruise ship that goes to Greece?

Yes, there are several cruise ships that offer voyages to Greece. One of the most popular is Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas, which offers a 10-night Mediterranean cruise beginning in Barcelona, Spain and ending in Athens, Greece. It stops in Provence (Marseille), France; Florence/Pisa, Italy; Naples and Rome, Italy; and Corfu and Santorini, Greece. The cruise also includes a few days at sea where you can take advantage of the ship's many amenities, like swimming pools, bars, restaurants, entertainment venues and more. There are plenty of other cruise lines which offer trips to Greece, so be sure to do your research to find the perfect voyage for you!

Are there cruises to the Greek islands?

Yes, there are plenty of cruises available to explore the stunning Greek islands. Cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines and Norwegian Cruise Line have itineraries that offer a range of activities as you sail from one Greek island to the next. From relaxing beach days in Santorini to snorkeling with sea turtles in Rhodes, your journey will surely be unique and unforgettable. In addition, each cruise line offers something different in terms of amenities, on-board entertainment and special extras tailored to the Greek islands. Choose the best itinerary for you and embark on your journey to explore the beauty of Greece!
Cruise to Malta and Greece has been an incredible experience filled with rich history, stunning landscapes and remarkable culture. From the ancient palaces of Valletta to the imposing monasteries of Santorini, each port offered something unique. Whether it was trudging the maze-like streets of Mdina or taking in the gorgeous views from a catamaran, I was in awe of my surroundings.

The local cuisines have also been a highlight of my journey, as I tasted some truly exquisite dishes. From a platter of octopus and sundried tomatoes in Malta to a plate of moussaka in Greece, I savored each bite. Above all, I am thankful for having had the opportunity to immerse myself in two unique countries and gain insight into cultures that are quite different from my own.

Overall, this cruise to Malta and Greece has been an enriching, unforgettable journey. I am immensely grateful for the experiences that I have had, the people whom I’ve met, and the sights that I’ve seen. Although I will soon return home, this voyage will remain in my heart forever.

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