Where to stay in Mykonos? Best hotels and apartments

Where to stay in Mykonos? Best hotels and apartments
Where to stay in Mykono? Map best areas
Where to stay in Mykono? Map best areas

Finding accommodation in Mykonos can be quite an adventure, especially if you are visiting the island during the summer. Mykonos is usually a dream destination where you can enjoy a sunset from a panoramic terrace overlooking the Aegean. Thanks to the popularity of Mykonos, you can find everything from luxurious resorts with panoramic pools to simpler and cheaper accommodation. During the summer (July and August = it is usually quite difficult to find a good hotel at convenient prices, even reaching around €100/day per person. In this post you will find the best areas and hotels to stay in Mykonos.

In general, the best place to stay in Mykonos is the Chora (also called Mykonos Town), the capital of the island. Taking accommodation in the Chora you can tour the island during the day and at night enjoy the liveliest area of ​​the island. To find cheaper rates, they can look for accommodation in the areas further away from Chora.

If you want a relaxing holiday in Mykonos, away from the chaos of nightlife, enjoying the beaches and the sea, you can choose to sleep in any area away from the center of Chora, or away from the more chaotic beaches like Paradise, Super Paradise and Paranga.. Luckily the island of Mykonos offers many small towns and quiet beaches, very nice places to spend the night.

I always recommend looking for accommodation in advance because not only do they usually run out very quickly, but prices tend to rise a lot during the summer. During the low season many hotels and apartments are closed so I also recommend booking in advance, because the number of available rooms decreases.

Let's see what I consider the best hotels and apartments in Mykonos:

πŸ“„ What you will find
  1. 1. Sleeping in Chora, the best option to visit the island
  2. 2.- Sleep in Platis Gialos, tranquility and beaches
  3. 3.- Agios Stefanos – Excellent option to get around by boat
  4. 4. Paradise Beach and Super Paradise, the best areas to party
  5. 5.- Beaches and solitude (almost)
  6. More about Mykonos and other Greek islands

1. Sleeping in Chora, the best option to visit the island

The city of Chora, also known as "Mykonos Town" is the capital of the island, where you will find a large number of hotels and apartments, very good restaurants, bars and shops. Sleeping in Chora is the best option if you don't want to rent a car or motorbike and want to get around using public transportation. All buses on the island leave from there. It is also ideal if you want more tourist services. If you move by boat, and want to visit other islands in Greece, the port of Chora has very good connections.

What to see and do in Mykonos

Among the main attractions to see in Chora is undoubtedly "Litte Venice" or little Venice, with its floating houses like the famous Italian city, with a typical Greek touch of color. You will be able to admire the sunset and taste a delicious aperitif in one of the many restaurants in the area. Without forgetting the famous Via Matoyianni, the busiest route in the city. In short, sleeping in Chora is one of the best options.

The best hotels and apartments in Mykonos Town:

Breakfast with a view? The best moment of the trip!

2.- Sleep in Platis Gialos, tranquility and beaches

If you want to sleep in a quieter area than the city of Chora, one of the best areas to sleep in is Platis Gialos. It is a very complete area that offers restaurants, bars, and accommodation for all tastes. It is also very close to Mykonos airport, you can easily get there by taxi or private transfer. It has beautiful beaches and is close to the capital Mykonos Town. If you travel by car, it is an ideal area to move in tranquility and autonomy. They will be able to enjoy water sports and enjoy quieter nights.
It is an area of ​​Mykonos with a high concentration of 5 and 4 star hotels, with family and luxury resorts. Luckily you will also find apartments at a good price.

Let's see the best recommended hotels and apartments in Platis Gialos:

3.- Agios Stefanos – Excellent option to get around by boat


Sleep in Agios Stefanos at the Mykonos Princess Hotel

The Agios Stefanos area is an excellent area to find good beaches, tranquility, restaurants, bars. Excellent position thanks to the port, from which you can make cruises and excursions, visit the nearby islands. It is the largest port of Mykonos, an important point for the island.

Let's see our recommendations for accommodation in Agios Stefanos:

4. Paradise Beach and Super Paradise, the best areas to party

Paradise Beach, in addition to being a beautiful beach, has several famous clubs that usually hire the most famous DJs from around the world. The move from Paradise Beach is often compared to Formentera, or Ibiza. It is a predominantly party area where there is little sleep at night! So it's ideal if you want to give it your all at the party and be able to return to the hotel without taking a car or taxi. It does not have many hotels but the prices are usually more convenient than in other areas of Mykonos. The nearby Super Paradise also offers accommodation at good prices and is also great for parties.

See hotels and apartments in Paradise Beach
See hotels and apartments in Super Paradise Beach

5.- Beaches and solitude (almost)

If you want a quiet vacation, away from most of the parties and tourists, you can go for Elia Beach, a quiet beach without many tourists. Ideal to enjoy the natural beauties of Mykonos. Recommended especially if you travel by rental car.

Book hotels and apartments in Elia Beach

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