Where to stay in Kefalonia? Best areas, hotels and apartments

Where to stay in Kefalonia? Best areas, hotels and apartments


Where to stay on the island of Kefalonia? Map areas and cities

Where to stay on the island of Kefalonia? Map areas and cities

If you visit the island of Kefalonia, in this post we will talk about the best areas and towns to stay according to your tastes and type of trip: families, couples, lovers of the sea, nature, etc. With recommendations for the best hotels and apartments to stay in Kefalonia.

Kefalonia is a big enough island, so it is essential to choose the right place to stay based on the attractions you want to visit, the length of your stay, the means of transportation, activities, etc.

Where to stay in Kefalonia according to the type of beaches?

Let's start by saying that if you are looking for sandy beaches, the best ones are in the south and west of the island. For example, in the area of ​​​​the capital Argostoli, Lassi and Lourdata. On the other hand, on the eastern side from Agia Efimia or Sami to Fiskardo, there are pebble beaches with many repaired coves and transparent water.

Where to stay in Kefalonia according to the days available?

If you only have one week available, you should choose a central location where you can stay in Kefalonia, for example in Argostoli or Lassi in the west, Sami or Agia Efimia in the east. This way, you will be well positioned to tour the island. In the capital Argostoli you will find more services and activities both during the day and at night. Ideal for moving on public means of transport or with private excursions. If they travel by rental car they will have more accommodation options in areas further away from the center.

If, on the contrary, you have more time available for your holidays in Kefalonia, you can think of dividing the holidays, spending a few days in the west, to visit all the beaches on that side to the south, and a few days in the east to see the beautiful beaches of that stretch of coast. If you spend more than a week in Kefalonia, consider visiting the nearby islands such as Ithaca, there are many day trips from the port of Sami or the port of Fiscardo.

Let's see in detail which are the best areas to stay in Kefalonia.

πŸ“„ What you will find
  1. Where to stay in Kefalonia: West Coast
    1. 1.- Argostoli – Capital of Kefalonia
    2. 2.- Lassi – A few steps from Argostoli
    3. 3.- Lourdata
  2. Where to stay in Kefalonia: East Coast
    1. 1.- Sami
    2. 2.- Fiskardo
    3. 3.- Agia efimia
  3. Final recommendations πŸ“
    1. More about Kefalonia and other Greek islands

Where to stay in Kefalonia: West Coast

Let's first look at some recommended places on the west side of Kefalonia, as already mentioned, this side offers sandy beaches, a beautiful sea and the possibility to reach the Lixouri peninsula by ferry. Most of the beaches offer complete services of chairs, bathrooms, restaurants, bars, ideal if you are traveling with your family or like to enjoy the sea without giving up the comforts. They are also usually wide beaches so you will not feel overwhelmed.

1.- Argostoli – Capital of Kefalonia

Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia, its largest center and is the liveliest tourist center on the island, excellent for an evening stroll for shopping, dining or a drink. It is the ideal area to find accommodation at a good price, small family-run hotels and apartments. It is very close to the airport (10 km) which will allow you to get directly to your hotel in a short time. Excellent to move with means of transport and move by sea.

As a base for touring the island, Argostoli is perfect as it allows you to move comfortably to the North/East (Fiskardo, Myrtos, Assos, Agia Efimia) and South (Skala, Poros, Kaminia Beach). The Argostoli area is also convenient for families with children, since just 2 km away there are sandy and equipped beaches, in particular the beautiful beaches of Lassi, Makrys Gialos and Platys Gialos, perfect for children.

Let's see the best hotels and apartments to stay in Argostoli:

2.- Lassi – A few steps from Argostoli

Lassi is another excellent option to stay in Kefalonia, as it is very close to Argostoli and has beautiful sandy beaches with a clean and transparent sea. Like Argostoli, Lassi is convenient for touring the island, to see all the most beautiful beaches in the south, but also to visit the Lixouri peninsula by taking the ferry from Argostoli.

Lassi is highly developed for tourism and besides the beautiful beaches it offers any kind of service such as restaurants, shops, pubs, bars, mini markets and rental services. It is an excellent option where to find accommodation at a good price without giving up anything in Kefalonia. You will find a large number of apartments of various sizes, many with a (shared) pool and other services. Also many hotels and accommodations offer airport pick-up service or private parking. You can check in the conditions of each hotel if they are free or paid.

Let's see the best apartments and hotels to stay in Lassi:

Hotels in Lassi Kefalonia – White Rock 4 stars

3.- Lourdata

Even the Lourdata area is a good alternative to stay in Kefalonia, it is a quiet place, but with shops, restaurants and clubs and a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters.

Lourdata is a good base for touring the island, it is located halfway between Argostoli and Skala. Evaluate this area especially if you find good housing deals.

Let's see the best apartments and hotels to stay in Lourdata:

Where to stay in Kefalonia: East Coast

The eastern side of Kefalonia offers beautiful pebble beaches, an incredibly clear sea and some of the most beautiful beaches in Kefalonia. Let's see the best areas to stay in the east of the island:

1.- Sami

Sami is a port city, located about 9 km south of Agia Efimia and therefore in an excellent position to tour the entire island. Ferries depart from here to Ithaca, Bari and Patras. So if you want to get to Kefalonia by ferry, this city is an excellent place to stay. Alternatively you can also search for hotels and apartments in the nearby town of Karavomylos, it is so close that you might not notice the difference between one and the other if you travel without paying attention.

Sami is nice even at night, there is not much nightlife, but it has a nice promenade where you can walk full of restaurants, bars, pubs and shops. The beautiful beach of Antisamos is very close to Sami.

Let's see the best apartments and hotels to stay in Sami:

2.- Fiskardo

For those looking for a more VIP, elegant and definitely tourist style, the perfect place to sleep in Kefalonia is Fiskardo. Favorite destination for English, German, American and tourists in general looking for luxury hotels with many services.

Charming town, rich in attractions, bars and restaurants, an area full of coves with crystal clear waters. Of course, the prices go up considerably here. Also excellent for night life. From Fiscardo you can also visit the north of the island, and take boat trips, including the island of Itaca.

Let's see the best apartments and hotels to stay in Fiscardo:

3.- Agia efimia

Agia Efimia is one of the best solutions to stay in Kefalonia, a seaside town with a beautiful promenade full of restaurants and a small port, it is among the most beautiful places on the island, with beautiful coves within walking distance.

Agia Efimia is strategically positioned for visiting Kefalonia, particularly the northeast area, and is close to the 2 most beautiful beaches on the island, Myrtos and Antisamos.

Let's see the best apartments to stay in Agia Efimia:

Final recommendations πŸ“

In Kefalonia, as in most of the Greek islands, the difference between summer and winter is quite marked. In the case of accommodation, not only prices change, but also the number of available accommodations. In fact, many hotels and apartments close during the winter, so the number of available accommodation decreases significantly, generally concentrating in the capital and in the largest centers.

In summer I always recommend booking in advance, even with a large amount of accommodation it is quite easy to have problems reserving from today to tomorrow, at least at reasonable prices. If you do not want to be tied up for many days, you can book just the day of arrival or two days, so that you can arrive more calmly.

The best thing to visit Kefalonia is to move with a rental car, you can enjoy the beaches and more solitary areas and far from the center. They will be able to see more in less time. Another option is to move by boat with the many excursions offered by the locals.

More about Kefalonia and other Greek islands

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