Where to stay in Corfu? Best areas, hotels and apartments

Where to stay in Corfu? Best areas, hotels and apartments
Hotels and areas to stay on the island of Corfu
Hotels and areas to stay on the island of Corfu

If you visit the beautiful island of Corfu, here you will find the best areas, cities, hotels and apartments to stay in Corfu, depending on your type of tourism, if you are traveling with your family, as a couple, if you want to do beaches or cultural tourism. Corfu is an island that gives emotions to everyone. Let's see the best areas to stay in Corfu:

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Best cities to stay in Corfu

Corfu Town is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece, its historic center is an architectural gem: elegant historic buildings and enchanting views. Sleeping in Corfu town is the best option if you want to spend the day between beaches and cultural visits, and spend the night in an environment full of cultural and artistic charm. Ideal if you don't want to hire a car, as buses run to most of the resorts and beaches on the island of Corfu.

There are different solutions in the city, from hotels located in elegant buildings in the historic center to comfortable apartments located in the modern part of the city. Let's see what I consider to be the best hotels and apartments to stay in Corfu:

Best hotels to stay in Corfu town

Best apartments to stay in Corfu town

The northeast coast of Corfu, between Barbati and Kassiopi, is the most fascinating of the island for nature and sea. Barbati, Nisaki, Kalami and Kassiopi offer many accommodation options for all tastes and budgets. You will find super-equipped villas, family apartments, studios or simple rooms for rent. Most of these accommodations are located in the mountainous areas that offer a spectacular view of this charming stretch of coastline. It is an ideal area to sleep if you want to enjoy the sea and can move by car.

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The towns of Benitses, Mesongi and Moraitika are quiet seaside resorts full of comfort and services: hotels and apartments by the sea at good prices; supermarkets and shops, restaurants and cafeterias where to eat and spend the night. The beaches are pleasant, safe and equipped. They are ideal destinations for families or couples looking to relax. It is an ideal position if you travel by car and can move easily between the cities of the island.

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Paleokastritsa is a recommended family resort, famous for its fantastic sea. It offers quiet accommodation with lovely views. The prices are higher than the average for the island, but if you like the sea and nature, Paleokastritsa is the perfect place to stay, especially if you want a vacation full of beaches. In summer, Paleokastritsa is the most active area after the capital.

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What are the best tourist locations in Corfu to stay if you want to travel around the island?: The best places to base yourself to discover the beauties of the island are:
Dassia: a quiet place, with many cheap accommodations and taverns, a beach with many places to spend the afternoon/evening.
Ipsos: famous for the nightlife of Corfu, it is also perfect for touring the island.
Gouvia: Very pretty, lively after sunset. Accommodations are slightly more expensive than Dassia and Ipsos, but of higher quality.

Recommendations before looking for accommodation in Corfu

The best place to stay in Corfu depends strongly on how many days you will visit the island and the means of transport you will use to get around. If you visit Corfu for a few days without a car, the best option is the capital Corfu Town. If you want to do beaches, you can dedicate more days (at least 4), then you could choose one between Dassia, Ipsos and Gouvia. If you want a quieter, solitary and adventure tourism, you could choose one of the towns of Barbati, Kassiopi, Benitses, Messongi or Moraitika (as long as you travel by car or motorcycle and spend at least 4 days). Other even more solitary towns are Acharavi, Roda and Sidari, ideal if you are looking for solitude, beauty and good prices, without forgetting to travel by car!

As always, it is advisable to read the comments very well, see the photos and read the conditions of the hotel and the room. Many apartments have a fixed final cleaning cost (which varies depending on the size of the apartment), it is always indicated in the fine print and is almost never included in the total price. So it's good to read all the fine print carefully to see the extra costs. Internet is usually included, but it's good to check. Many hotels offer private parking included in the price, it is still worth checking before booking, as some charge €10-15 per night.

If you are traveling during the summer, it is best to book in advance as Corfu is one of the most visited islands in Greece. I recommend at least 3 months before to find availability and good prices.

Greece usually has more convenient prices than other European countries, so I recommend you check the prices of 4 and 3 star hotels, you could get excellent quality at a good price. Especially if they travel during the months of April, May, September or October.

More about Corfu and Greece

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