How does the tourist tax work in Greece?

How does the tourist tax work in Greece?
Greece cities map
Greece cities map

In Greece, as in many countries around the world, there is a tourist tax or tourist tax that you have to pay per night per person and it is not normally included in the price of the hotel.

How much do you pay per night? This tourist tax varies based on the category of the hotel. In this way, the tourist tax changes and grows as the level of the hotel increases. For one or two star hotels, the rate is 50 cents per person, per night. In 3-star hotels, it is 1.50 euros per person per night. While 4-star hotels cost €3. Finally, 5-star hotels apply a rate of €4 per person per night.
If you sleep in an apartment (of any category) the cost is 50 cents per person per night.

When and how is the tourist tax paid in Greece? The tourist tax is not included in the price of the hotel, so you will not be able to pay it online or in advance. The payment is made directly in the structure, at the time of arrival and preferably in cash. This is because it is a tax that goes directly to the government, without going through intermediaries.

So when making your travel budget, remember to consider this tourist tax, bring the money in cash and on hand to pay when you check-in. Remember that it is per person.

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